Tips For Business Travelers

Top 10 Tips For Business Travelers

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

For those that do a lot of business travel, they surely have had their share of issues along the way. That is why we have decided to put together 10 tips in, which we hope will help those who must be in the air to get the best out of each flight. Keep reading below, and surely your next business trip could be more pleasant for you.

Tip 1: Sign up for the global entree customs program. By being a member of the US customs, and border protection program, you could qualify to get through certain customs quicker. You fill out an application, and thus when approved you then get to be in the Global Entry line, which often has less traffic. Furthermore, if you use the combination of flying first class and the Global Entry status, you could be in and out of the airport in record time.

Tip 2: Be certain to use a frequent fliers program. Pick one of your brand companies that you like, and use it for all business travel. Additionally, you could also use a rewards type business credit card, and this could also help you to gain flier credits, and points, to help with the cost of future business trips.

Tip 3: When booking your flight, be certain to pay attention how your traveling. You want to select the non stop option, to ensure that you can fly straight through to your business meeting. If, you select the direct flight option, you run the risk of the plane still stopping to let certain passengers off, which could further delay you getting to your business meeting on time.

Tip 4: When doing car rentals be sure you watch the entire price package. Many times it is possible that you could ask for a price reduction at the time your getting ready to pick up the vehicle. Furthermore, don't be afraid to negotiate on the starting price, as often times the representative will not start at their lowest price that they offer to you.

Tip 5: Try to build up your points even while away from the airport itself. With this tip alone, you could be getting free travel in no time, if you use your points card for every day purchases while at the grocery store. Nonetheless, you will want to be certain that your using a card that will waive the foreign transaction charges, or you could be losing out on any real savings here.