Top 3 places to see and top 3 things to do in Amsterdam

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

Do you wonder what Amsterdam has to offer to its tourists and visitors?  Do not be afraid, Amsterdam is a unique city, rich in history and culture and one of the great European cities.  The places you should not miss visiting during your stay in Amsterdam as many, but among them the most important are the Amsterdam canal ring, the Rijksmuseum and the Oude Kerk.  The city's old center is formed by canal rings that actually make Amsterdam what it is.  It is a special experience to walk, take a boat or even ride a bicycle through those old beautiful streets.  The museums of Amsterdam, among which Rijksmuseum holds the first place, have in their halls some of the world's most famous works of art.  The Oude Kerk, on the other hand, is a huge old Protestant church, situated in the Red Light District.  Built in a Gothic-Renaissance style, the temple is a place of worship and calm in the mist of the frenetic modern lifestyle.

A unique thing to do in Amsterdam is to observe its life.  All you have to do is walk along the canal streets or sit in one of its cafes and let the life of the city pass by you.  However, the best thing to do in the city of Amsterdam remains the exploration of the Old City center that is crossed by 165 canals and over 1200 bridges.  Taking a canal boat tour will make the experience even more memorable.  The visit to the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House will bring you back in time and help you understand local history and culture.  If, however, going out is your thing, Amsterdam’s nightlife has a lot to offer in clubs, restaurants and other entertainment centers.