Banner Lodge Resort Development

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Banner Lodge Resort Development (Connecticut)

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

Those who love the countryside would probably have a great time at the Banner Lodge Resort. The resort is mainly known for its Par-72 18 holes golf course. The course is laid on an area of over 6000 yards. These are the best 5 reasons we should go to Banner Lodge Resort Development (Connecticut).

To improve your health
Working out is the best route to an improved health. Not many people know that having an active lifestyle we are less stressed and less depressed. If you don’t have reasons to move around too much, an hour in the gym will work wonders. Give the Banner Lodge Resort gym a chance.

To watch a golf tournament
Watching others playing golf can be quite relaxing. The best part is that anyone can host a golf tournament. The course is perfect for all skill levels, though it does provide some challenges. You might not see currently important names, but they might be big in the future.

Your age doesn’t matter
Whether you want to play golf or go to the gym, your age is ignored. Sure enough you might get discounts if you’re under 16 years old or over 62. Unfortunately everyone in between must pay full price.

To practice your golf skills
Even professional players train in order to stay in shape. If you want to improve your skills at golf you need to play often. At the Banner Lodge Resort you can choose between a 9 and an 18 holes course. Challenge yourself to become better!

There is a nice cafe to check out
Jack’s Place Cafe is waiting for you with lunch or dinner every day of the week. However, should the weekend come breakfast is also available. The menu is thought out to satisfy your hunger and as such it is not fancy.