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Car Rental Top 10 Tips

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

When your traveling, often times you will need to rent a car to get around town with. However, this can sometimes cost you more than the airline ticket did, if your not careful. For that reason, we have put together our top 10 tips on ways that you could save on some of these fees, and still enjoy a luxury vehicle.

Tip 1: Avoid paying excess car insurance premiums. If, your doing your car rental in the USA, and you already have car insurance, check with your own company, as many will also cover you while your driving a rental car. In addition, if you have to use their insurance, pay for it with a credit card, that offers supplemental coverage as a incentive for using them. If, your renting internationally the visa credit card supplemental insurance coverage incentive will also become your primary coverage.

Tip 2: Decline their offer for using the GPS add on. You could save on their daily fee, by instead using your own smart phone's mapping built in function. For those in international countries, simply get a new SIM card for your phone, and you should be able to use the built in mapping feature. and be able to get online to check emails from friends.

Tip 3: Fill your car up in advance at the cheapest locations. Often times, when traveling to different areas, many don't pay attention that gas prices will fluctuate. Take a few minutes and study your traveling destination route, and fuel up in the lowest location, to get you through the higher price locations.

Tip 4: Check for lower rates online right up to the time your getting ready to travel. Often times, when you book your car rental reservations in advance, others might have also canceled theirs at the same time. In addition, certain online booking sites, may be able to automatically re-book your rental at the new lowest price, thus saving you on fees in the process.

Tip 5: Use your frequent flyer membership in order to get deep discounts. Certain memberships, such as AAA members, corporate travelers, and certain AARP memberships are entitled to use discount codes towards their car rentals. Use the internet to do some advance research and enter in different codes, to see what price range could offer the best deal, then book your reservation with that code.