How To Lower Travel Fees

Family Travel On A Budget – How To Lower Travel Fees 10 Tips

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

Families that are on a budget often need guidance to help them lower their traveling fees. Furthermore, when it comes to children, age really can matter. For that reason, we want to give our readers 10 tips on how they can lower their travel fees, and still reach their budget goals.

Tip 1: Start with using online budget travel sites. The internet can provide a lot more options for up to date flights at lower costs. Many of the airlines are also offering more variety package bundle deals, that might even include free meals.

Tip 2: Pack only what your entire family will need for the duration of the trip. It is easy to take along several large suitcases when traveling with the entire family. However, if you can pack lightly for each person, that can help tremendously to reduce the check bag fees.

Tip 3: For those with small children, using the stroller as a packing tool can help cut cost. Most strollers have side pockets in them, use those areas to load up wipes, tissues, lotion and other heavy items, that could further help reduce the weight charges when boarding the plane. In addition, even the inside of the stroller could load up those extra coats or blankets that are going with your family on the trip.

Tip 4: When flying with kids there are actually different rates. Depending on the childs age group, you could save plenty on their airfare by shopping at the budget online locations. If, the child for example will be riding on the parents lap, and is under the age of 2, they would not get charged full ticket price.

Tip 5: If, you have been saving up your flyer frequent points towards the vacation, pay attention to when you redeem them. It is much more cost efficient to redeem them on one way trips, as many travel agencies will give a larger discounts rate that way. Why would they do that, you might wonder? It is because it is easier and cheaper to fly one way, than doing the round trip, and for that reason redeeming these points in this approach could save a lot in the air fare.