Omni Interlocken Resort

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Omni Interlocken Resort (Colorado)

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

The Omni Interlocken Hotel has the Rocky mountains in the back. Because it is opened year round you could actually consider it a resort. Here are some 5 reasons we should go to Omni Interlocken Resort (Colorado). They should be enough to make us go there again.

We can play golf
If someone wants to go on a holiday and want to feel they own the world, they need to play golf. Many movies show only the rich enjoying this precision game, so now you have the chance to act like that. The course has 27 holes, so good luck with keeping up with a champion.

We can enjoy an awesome swimming pool
The swimming pool looks marvelous! It has a fire pit, offers great views of the sunset, and is opened 24 hours a day because it is heated. If you want a snack or something to drink then the poolside bar and grill will surely can cool off your craving.

We can bring the family!
A vacation is not complete without the kids when you have them. This is why the Omni Interlocken Hotel made it possible for families to bring their children. They will enjoy amenities specially created for them, such as interesting and interactive programs.

Hiking and biking
Being in the mountains, or next to some, is not the same without being able to hike or ride a bike. There are more trails for you to explore either by foot or by bike. Make sure to ask for a map so you don’t get lost, though.

Pay a visit to the Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center
The center is just 3 miles away from the hotel. The center is really interesting for children who can learn more about these critters, but it may pose problems for somebody who is scared of bugs and various insects.