Top 3 Places to See and Top 3 Things to Do in Phoenix

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

If it is your first time to visit Phoenix, then you must make sure to include these attractions and activities in your itinerary to make your stay in this largest city in Arizona all worthwhile no matter how short it may be.
Places to See
Mining and Mineral Museum – In a state where mining is one of the leading industries, it is natural to see a museum dedicated to it. This specific museum, however, is quite different because it features the different mineral and rocks by mimicking food presentations. For instance, a pancake on a breakfast plate is created with the use of sandstone. This place is no doubt interesting, funny, and very educational.
Desert Botanical Gardens – Do something different on your next garden tour by doing it at night. Carry a flashlight with you and enjoy viewing dessert plants and animals in the cool air of the evening in this 50-acre botanical garden.
South Mountain Park – Phoenix is a haven for outdoor activities and South Mountain Park offers all in one place. Here you can go horseback riding, hiking, and biking to enjoy the vast expanse of Phoenix’s natural beauty.
Things to Do
Art Walk – Lovers of art and history will definitely enjoy the Scottsdale Art Walk, which is a walking tour in the art district. It will bring you to various galleries and let you know more about local artists and their works.
Chocolate Factory Tour – Have you ever wondered how those delectable chocolate bars were made? Get your answers by joining a half-hour tour at Cerreta Candy Company and feast your eyes learning about the various steps of chocolate and candy making.
Tovrea Castle Tour – This awesome 80-year old property has recently been restored and opened to the public. If you have not been inside a castle, this is your chance to do so while at the same time learn about the significance of this structure in Phoenix’s history.