Top 3 Places to See and Top 3 Things to Do in Sacramento

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

Sacramento may not be the largest city in California, but it definitely has a lot to offer, making it the state’s capital city. Here some of the things you can see and do there.
Places to See
California State Railroad Museum – Here you can see all the old trains and locomotives that once plied the streets and railways of California. They have been restored and furnished to give visitors a glimpse of the comfort they used to offer to travelers in the distant past.
Old Sacramento – See for yourself how Sacramento looked like decades ago. This area was once the commercial center of Sacramento, but it has undergone a lot of changes until it was restored and preserved in the 1960s to feature the city’s historic buildings.
State Capitol – The building itself is filled with history having been built in the middle of the 19th century. On top of that, it houses the State Capitol Museum, which feature various works of art and antique items that reflect the history of Sacramento.
Things to Do
Enjoy an Outdoor Theater – There is nothing like watching a play under the stars and the amphitheaters in Fair Oaks Village and William Land Park offer just that. Remember to check if they have a play scheduled during your visit so that you can catch one in a mesmerizing atmosphere.
Listen to Live Music – Instead of doing it inside a pub or a bar, try the outdoors instead. The Cesar Chavez Plaza, the River Park, and the River Walk Park are just some of the places that feature live concerts mostly on weekend nights. Local artists flock here, so consider yourself lucky to be given the privilege of hearing them.
Learn History – Aside from the many museums that you can find in Sacramento, there are also so-called “old towns” located in Elk Grove, Roseville, and Fair Oaks, to mention a few. Here you can step into shops that will make you travel back in time, not just with their old structures, but also with their old-fashioned way of providing service.