Sheraton Steamboat Resort

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Sheraton Steamboat Resort (Colorado)

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

The first thing you should now, if you never heard of this place before, is that Sheraton Steamboat Resort is a mountain destination. It offers many activities for both summer and winter lovers, so here are 5 reasons we should go to  Sheraton Steamboat Resort, Colorado.

To play golf
The Sheraton's Rollingstone Ranch Golf Club opened in 1974 and has an 18 holes golf course. The course has a championship caliber, and of course is accessible only when the weather allows it. The course is not very difficult and players of all levels can try out their luck.

To get married
People usually elope in Vegas, and here is the perfect location for a traditional destination wedding with a theme. Most likely a winter or a rustic themed wedding are most fit for this resort. Summer weddings have the advantage of having outdoor ceremonies and parties, with beautiful picture backdrops.

To stay fit
Skiing in winter is a great way to burn calories and stay fit. If you can’t ski, take advantage of the 24 hour fitness facility. This way you can work out at a time when there are less people present and feel less self conscious.

To relax
The best way to relax is by going to the SPA and getting a massage. Body scrubs and facial treatments are other ways of  relaxation because it’s other people taking care of you. When you make your appointment you should ask about any discounts and special offers available.

To eat
When a place is said to have really nice food people go there to see if it’s true or not. Sheraton Steamboat Resort has a fish creek grill opened in summer only and the Bear River Bar & Grill opened only in winter. They should be enough to strike your curiosity. The other restaurants are opened year round and offer a really romantic lunch or dinner experience.