Top 3 places to see and top 3 things to do in Tampa

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

If your next destination is the city of Tampa be prepared for a number of outdoor and indoor adventures.  Do not limit your time to simply lying on its wonderful beaches, but be sure to discover the rest of Tampa.  However, the best places to visit in Tampa are still its warm, sunny beaches.  Florida is the perfect solution for your tired body and mind and a wonderful choice for your summer vacation.  Another attraction that every Tampa visitor should see is the Busch Gardens, an African-themed family entertainment and adventure park.  There you will meet with exotic animals in their natural habitat and enjoy thrill safari rides, craft performances and live music.  The next place on your list should be the Ybor City, the center of Tampa’s Latin community and a National Historic Landmark District, because of its many historical buildings.  Today, the area is home to multiple shops, restaurants, cafes and galleries.
Among the things to do in Tampa, or the Cigar City, as many still call it, stands out the trying of a hand rolled Cuban cigar that you can purchase from a number of local tobacco retailers or by visiting one of the local cigar bars.  If you prefer to spend your evening in a more sophisticated atmosphere you should visit the Tampa Theatre and enjoy its concerts and programs.  A deep inside into the history of the city, can be acquired by visiting the Tampa Bay History Center, which exhibits trace the rich and ancient history of the Bay.
Another thing you surely would like to try while in Tampa is to pass over the 4.25 mile long high-level bridge, called Sunshine Skyway.  Suspended from two gigantic pylons, the bridge is situated across the entrance to Tampa Bay.  Nothing compares to the amazing views over the ocean and the city from that bridge.