The Water's Edge Resort & Spa

Top 5 Reasons to Visit The Water's Edge Resort & Spa (Connecticut)

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

If you like water, waterscapes, and you need some quiet time then you need some time off. The Water's Edge Resort and Spa in Connecticut can offer all of the above and more. Read on about the 5 reasons we should go to The Water's Edge Resort & Spa in Connecticut.

You don’t have to only have dinner here. It can be brunch, a coffee, or a drink in a bar. No matter what you choose it will surely be romantic and made that much more special thanks to the beautiful ocean view. Try out the Sunset Grill and Bar or the Seaview Bistro and Martini Bar.

Have an important meeting
Some people think that business can go South if they don’t think of all the details, including the location of the meeting. The Water’s Edge offers elegant meeting rooms for conferences, for negotiations, and more. On site dining and WiFi access are available.

Get pampered
Everyone wants to look good and a SPA can make this happen. You’ll relax and by the time the pros are done, you’ll feel and look at least 5 years younger. Body wraps and scrubs, nail services, and more are just a few of the means to make you look better.

Get tanned
Doctors advise against getting tanned. Laying in the sun from time to time is beneficial to your health, especially if you use adequate sunscreen. There are many beautiful beaches in the area, such as the Ocean Beach Park or the Hammonassett State Park. Check them out!

Sail on a yacht
You don’t have to know how to operate a yacht as all you have to do it enjoy the surrounding. One of the most educational trips is the guided tour to the Thimble Island. This cruise lasts for 45 minutes, but there are longer ones available.