Top 3 Places to See and Top 3 Things to Do in Tucson

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

Your much-anticipated trip to Tucson will not be complete if you do not include the following sights and activities on your must-do list.
Places to See
Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block – This block consists of five buildings, namely: the J. Knox Corbett House, the La Casa Cordova, the Edward Nye Fish House, the Stevens Home, and the Romero House. All of these are rich in history related to Tucson and on top of that, there is a Museum of Art nearby that exhibits a wide collection of contemporary art.
Tucson Botanical Garden – Located at North Alvernon Way, this lush garden is a welcome oasis in the middle of the city. It houses various types of gardens and exhibits that are sure to relax and mesmerize you all at once.
Sabino Canyon – Get a load of nature in this ecological gem that features creeks, desert, mountain ridges, and waterfalls. Narrated tours are offered here that both tourists and locals will definitely enjoy.
Things to Do
Attend a Festival – Festivals are fun in Tucson and they happen all year round. You can catch the Rodeo Parade in February or the Dia de los Muertos in November. If your visit does not coincide with a specific festival, you can still get your share of music and entertainment at Second Saturdays Downtown.
Enjoy Live Music – Numerous restaurants, pubs, bars, and music hotspots can be found in Tucson to fill the ears of music lovers. You can try La Cocina and the Boondocks Lounge for a start.
Rock Climbing – There are five mountain ranges in Tucson, all waiting for you to climb them. If you are new to this activity, you can start learning at the Rocks and Ropes gym and eventually join a group to take on the more challenging outdoors, like the Santa Catalina Mountains and Mt. Lemmon.