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Car Rental Top 10 Tips - Part 2

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

Tip 6: Don't use the airport location to pick up your car rental. Many times, if you pick up the car at the airport, there will be an additional overall charge of 10% total of your rental costs. To save on these fees, take a cab if need be, and rent the car at another off airport location.

Tip 7: Never accept the option the rental company offers for a full tank of gas to get you started with. While these may seem like a great deal, you will be charged for a full tank of gas at double the going rate of what the local gas station prices are. The better option would be to fill it up at a gas station yourself, and when your returning it make sure the tank is also on full. Simply select the return on full option when filling out the paperwork.

Tip 8: Be certain that you always give your frequent flyer code to the car rental company, if you have one. Checking online before you make your reservations, can help to pull up a variety of rental companies that give bonus flyer points when using them. This is a extra bonus that some companies offer to their customers, in which you could use to help pay for your next travel destination.

Tip 9: Always be ready to negotiate on the rental fees when picking up your car. Many times, it gets overlooked by travelers that they could get an upgrade to a more luxury vehicle simply by requesting it from the agent. In addition, if your already a elite member with either the rental company, or certain credit cards that offer this to their members, you might be able to get more car, for less money. Always be polite as it could further help with your request.

Tip 10: In order to help save on rental fees, and gas try using your points. If, you have accumulated a lot of points on your frequent flyer memberships, it might be beneficial to use them as cash to pay towards the rental car. However, keep in mind that the ratio to convert the points over to cash, may not always be of equal value, so be certain that you read the terms before converting them into this payment method.

When it comes to selecting a car rental company there are no shortages of choice options available. However, trying to locate the best deal, could prove to be beneficial if the persons takes some advance time to research all their options. Our Hope is that our 10 tips here today, have given you extra advantages that will help you when your getting ready to set up your next car rental.