Champlin's Resort & Marina

Five reasons to go to Champlin's Resort & Marina (Rhode Island)

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

Read more to learn the five reasons to go to Champlin's Resort & Marina.

Eat out at the restaurants
Harborview Restaurant offers outdoor dining and a variety of fresh sea food. You can have lunch or dinner while getting a great view of the Great Salt Pond. The restaurant serves traditional American food as well, so you can get to enjoy your favorite meals here. When you are in the mood for a sandwich or fresh salad, head over to the Snack Bar.

Visit the pool
A hot summer day is the ideal time for a swim at the pool. Luckily, the hotel includes a pool and a bar where you can get a nice tan and also enjoy some cocktails. The pool is open to all tourists, and if you brought your kids along, they can also enjoy a few hours in the water.

The hotel's facilities
If you stay at the Champlin's Resort & Marina you will not be disappointed with the resort's facilities. The hotel offers laundry service, as well as a picnic area if you want to enjoy a meal out in the sun. Furthermore, all the rooms are equipped with flat screen TV's and Internet access. Guests who want to watch a movie at the theatre may be glad to learn the resort encompasses a theatre.

Go to the beach
Relax and play your favorite water sports at the beach. The hotel offers its own beach which is always guarded. If you want to go boating, you can rent a boat from the reception and spend some hour enjoying this activity.

Rent a bike
The area is full of tourists attractions, and you can simply rent a bike from the reception and spend some time taking in the fresh air. Bikes are available for rent for affordable fees, and you can rent one for an hour or more.