Excess Baggage Airline Additional Fees

Tips On How To Avoid Excess Baggage Airline Additional Fees - Part 2

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

Tip 6: Our first tip would be to use a baggage company for shipping excess baggage. Many times they can help you to save on the additional fees, that the airlines charge for every suitcase and carry on that your traveling with. These companies can even ship your entire excess baggage right to your destinations front door, waiting for you.

Tip 7: Check further into using the airlines cargo shipping services. However, keep in mind that this option could still cost a bit more to use, especially if there are going to be a lot of bags to transport. Having said that, you could still save over all the extensive fees that the airport charges for these same items.

Tip 8: When selecting a shipping company, be certain of what they include in their price. It could be very expensive when you have a lot to ship and have to also pay for the boxes, and other materials for packing purposes. For that reason, ask ahead of time if the company you are going to use provides these with their cost, this will help cut down on some of the cost.

Tip 9: Try Investing into a digital weight scale. Investing in a digital weight scale can help you when your packing the items. It can also help you to determine if that extra piece of clothing or accessory will be worth the excess baggage fees when shipping the items ahead.

Tip 10: If, you can get it when you land this can prove to be a beneficial practice to get into. Often times, if you pack light, and can get extra items when your at your destination this will be very cost effective. However, if your going to a pricy location, then determine their price of that item, and compare them, before deciding to pack it to be shipped to your location.

When it comes to planning your trip, the cost of the excess baggage could end up being more than the plane ticket. However, taking the time to put some of our tips into practice could help to lessen those costs, dramatically. Finally, take the time to pack carefully, and take only what is needed for the amount of time that the trip calls for, can be the best tip of all to helping you save on these additional costs.