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How To Book Hotel For Cheap – 10 Tips - Part 2

Tip 6: Try to arrive at the hotel exactly on the check up time scheduled. Often times, the room may not be ready, and instead they would give you a upgraded room. While this may not always happen, it is still worth doing each time.

Tip 7: You could negotiate for a upgrade, without actually paying out of pocket for it. The trick here is don't book the fanciest room, instead reserve a lower-rate room to begin with. Then call the manager over, when you arrive and asking very nicely if there are any vacant upgrades available as it is a special occasion for you today, might also influence a better room, but at the same cost.

Tip 8: Go online and research in advance, on where the cheapest priced hotels are currently being offered. This method works best if you can use a website that will automatically update these discounts for you without you having to constantly watch the screen. Some sites like Tingo will even re-book the room for you as the price drops, even if you already paid for it.

Tip 9: Look into the major online booking locations for their best price options. Many of these types of sites will give their members a price lock guarantee. This means that if you find a better deal, after booking with their site, they will automatically match it.

Tip 10: If, you already know in advance that you qualify for a discount speak up. Often times, the hotel operator will not mention certain discounts to you. For that reason, it will be up to you to mention if your a senior, or you have certain entertainment cards, or traveling discounted rates that you want included with their price offer.

When it comes to learning how to book a hotel for cheap, at first it can seem like an impossible task. However, if the person takes some time, and combines some of these methods here today, it could prove to be very cost efficient for their savings. Finally, with a bit of practice you could still enjoy the best hotels, just simply at a fraction of the cost in no time at all.

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