Jacksonville Inn

Five reasons to visit Jacksonville Inn

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

While visiting in the first town to be named a National Historic Landmark you probably need a place to spend the night at. Choose a historic looking inn, perhaps one preserving its 19th century charm. IF you can't decide on any, these are just five reasons to visit Jacksonville Inn, to help you out.

To stay in one of the gold-rush Jacksonville’s early permanent structures
The inn was built in 1861 and specks of gold are still visible in the cement of the walls of the dining area and lounge. These walls were built with locally extracted sandstone. Staying in a building with gold in its walls is definitely a rarity.

To have a glimpse of how life felt in the 19th Century
Jacksonville preserves a lot of the charm of the era. Having been named a National Historic Landmark, the air that is breathed still reminds its visitors a lot of the feelings of the 19th Century.

To enjoy from a diverse cultural experience from the surroundings
23 Wineries are found at a short driving distance, while arts, theaters, and word-class musicians can be seen within a walking distance at the Britt Festivals. The Applegate Valley Wine Trail is a beautiful trail that covers 50 miles from the coast to the Rogue River and is a "must" experience for wine lovers.

To enjoy outdoors adventures
Walking and jogging trails, the Crater Lake National Park, Oregon Caves, and Jet Boat tours, are some of the adventures that are at a very close distance from Jacksonville Inn.

To have a meal at the well acclaimed Dining House in the Inn
From the quality of the meal, to the excellence in their service, to the variety of their dishes, to the romantic vibe of the patio, and the artistic designed desserts - everything makes of the dining experience a reason to visit the Inn.