Kalahari Resorts

Five reasons to visit Kalahari Resorts

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

There are many hotels in Ohio, but not all of them reach up to the same standards. If you want to relax and have a good time, read the five reasons to visit Kalahari Resorts.

Visit the parks
If you booked a room at Kalahari Resorts, do not end your stay without a visit to the Safari Outdoor Adventure Park. This cool park is the place where children and parents alike gather for some hours of fun and adventures. Try the Ropes Course if you are in a thrilling mood, or take your kids for a fun Zip Line Tour.

Go to the Spa Kalahari
Do you feel tired and stressed out? Then, a massage could be just what you need to soothe your spirit. Make an appointment and enjoy a luxury massage, an aromatherapy session, or a manicure. Additionally, the spa features a salon where you can get your hair and makeup done for that romantic dinner with your partner.

Work out at the fitness center
The gym at Kalahari Resorts encompasses treadmills, free weights, a sauna and a massage room. The equipment is provided for free to every guest of the hotel, so don't settle into a routine on vacation. Private classes held by certified instructors are also provided.

Do some shopping
Shopping is always fun no matter where you are. Go on a shopping trip when you visit Kalahari Resorts and you might just find the perfect outfit. Some of the stores available here are Safari Clothing Co. and Indigo Swimwear. If your kids are in need of something, head over to Zakanaka Kids.

Eat at the restaurant
The hotel offers more than one restaurant and a marketplace for health conscious guests. The Reserve Restaurant and Bar will engulf you with its spicy and varied dishes. Great Karoo Marketplace offers buffet options, and when you are in the mood for a pizza check out The Pizza Pub.