Lago Vista Bed and Breakfast

Five reasons to visit Lago Vista Bed and Breakfast

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

The inn at the Lago Vista brings a bit of the Italian style in the middle of a national park while offering amazing views over the Broken Bow Lake. Read on if you want to discover at least five reasons to visit Lago Vista Bed and Breakfast.

No need to wake up early
Just like with any other B&B, the one at Lago Vista offers breakfast to all its guests, however nobody needs to wake up early to have it because it is served at 9am. You can even serve it in your room of balcony.

To get a massage
The professional masseur offers Swedish, couples, and hot stone massages. You need to book your massage if you want to take advantage of this form of therapy. The main purpose of getting a massage is to feel relaxed and full of positivity.

Visit a vineyard and taste their wine
The best vineyard to pay a visit to is the one called Girls gone Wine, opened mostly for a ladies’ getaway, but not only. You can see how the wine is made, find some gifts in the funky shop, and have a taste of the wine, all during one visit!

Plenty of watersports to check out
This inn doesn’t only have a lake view, it has lake access as well. The lake is the perfect place to enjoy all sorts of eater related sports, be it fishing, boating, swimming, or diving. Don’t worry about forgetting your gear at home because you’ll surely be able to find some at the inn.

Play some golf
You can choose between miniature golf or regular golf. Cedar Creek Proshop is where you can improve your skills at playing golf. You have at least 2 places where you can try your hand at miniature golf, and they’re across the street one from the other.