Lakeview Meadow

Five reasons to visit Lakeview Meadow

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

Lakeview Meadow is located between Jamestown Reservoir and Pipestem Reservoir, and as such it offers lots of fishing and relaxation opportunities. Discover other five reasons to visit Lakeview Meadow if fishing is not your thing, but be sure you will have plenty of things to do here, no matter how long your stay is..

Visit the Frontier Village
This village has been created by moving buildings from the North Dakota’s frontier village. These buildings have been filled with various antiques for an authentic look. By paying a visit to this village you will get a better idea of how the prairie pioneers used to live.

Visit the National Buffalo Museum
This museum is dedicated to the North American bison and it showcases artifacts used by the Native Americans living in the plains. Firearms dating back to the 19th century, bison remains, and a lot of art are among the exhibits.

Play golf
While you might be able to find a golf course, the 18 holes disc golf course is better. This course is located right here in the park, and it features Innova Discatchers and cemented tees. This type of golfing is more demanding and will really test your body and mind.

Participate in some competition
There are several tournaments taking place here. Softball and baseball diamonds are the two most important competitions you can enroll in or watch from the sidelines. Additionally you can organize your own competition if you want to be the one coordinating things.

Host a party
If you want to throw a party but are afraid you don’t have enough space, the Lakeview Meadow is the perfect location to rent for this purpose. You can host any type of party or gathering. Additionally your event can take place during any month of the year, but it is recommended you book early.