Lambert Beach Resort

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Lambert Beach Resort (British Virgin Islands)

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

If you know anything about the British Virgin Islands then you already know that they are located at the tropics. This should be reason enough to go visit, but here you go some extra 5 reasons we should go to Lambert Beach Resort (British Virgin Islands), to convince you.

The islands are easily reached from more continents
The Caribbean Islands are reached easiest if you live in the Americas, and then in Europe. Those living in North America sure have the shortest travel to this destination. Most likely North Americans are the most numerous tourists here.

You can snorkel almost anywhere where the waters are clear, warm, and shallow. However there is no place on Earth that can be compared to the Caribbean water when it comes to seeing the world underwater.

Play some tennis
If you love tennis you can play it here as well, or watch others play it. The fear of being too far from your favorite court should definitely stop from coming because the Lambert Beach Resort made sure to have you covered. The weather should also pose no obstacles either, so have fun!

Play some beach volleyball
Did you know that several beach volleyball competitions took place at the Lambert Beach Resort? Now you do, and you also know now that the beach here is perfect for this sport if you want to play with a different type of ball.

Surfing with your kids
You and your old enough kids can go surfing on boogie boards. These boards are half of the size of a regular surfboard. The sport becomes more and more popular each year and it’s about time you tried it out as well. You will surely find it more difficult at first, but if you surfed before you’ll catch this bug fast enough.