Lincoln Sands Suites

Five reasons to visit Lincoln Sands Suites

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

Everyone need to know at least five reasons to visit Lincoln Sands Suites before deciding on booking a room or not. You can find them right here.

To enjoy summer sunsets or winter storms from the comfort of your oceanfront suite
All suits have full view to the ocean, so from the commodity of your own room you can watch the sun hide in the horizon, or the rain falling during a strong storm. If you dare, and the weather allows, you have access to the beach, to be even closer and more in tune with the nature.

To enjoy the outdoor pool and the sauna area
Besides the wonderful Pacific Ocean, the Lincoln Sands offers you an outdoor pool for whenever you want to swim in fresh water. Be sure to stop by the sauna too for a very interesting experience.

To watch the waves
From every suite of the Lincoln Sands you have the possibility to watch the Ocean as a living entity. It swallows the shore and then it retreats - this is a reminder that changes happen in nature and in you because you are part of it. This hotel is one of the very few offering this feast.

Do water activities
The hotel is at a short walking distance from the Devil’s Lake which promises more water fun. Either going in a group and renting a paddling boat, splashing the waves with a jet ski by yourself or racing with some friends, you will surely have a fantastic time.

Enjoy the Kite Festival and other beach activities
Go and fly a kite or simply watch others doing it. Walk on the beach and find beautiful shells and stones. Participate in the Finders Keepers events, make a sandcastle sculpture on the beach, or just sit and relax in the ocean's breeze - all these activities and more are possible while vacationing at this hotel.