Overleaf Lodge and Spa

Five Reasons to Visit Overleaf Lodge and Spa

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

Everyone wants to spend their holidays in a special location, and one nestled along the rocky Oregon coastline, in beautiful yachts seems like a good choice. These are five reasons to visit Overleaf Lodge & Spa.

They give a new meaning to any getaway
From cozy suites that overlook the ocean, to the Overleaf Spa, from the galleries and restaurants to the historic lighthouses and sunsets, from the waves and horse riding, to the sandy beaches and hike trails - this getaway seems to be a dream vacation destination.

The Overleaf SPA
Choose any of the multiple massages and treatments, alone or as a couple. These services and more are offered to help restore, refresh, and rejuvenate your mind and body so that you can feel like your best self.

Insightful guide to local activities
Honoring their love for hospitality and service from the two generations in front of the lodges and other touristic places, the Overleaf offers its customers a wide list of local activities they can engage in. From ocean activities minutes away, to outdoor adventures, to restaurants and shops, to other local attractions, including family and rainy day adventures, the Overleaf puts them all together to ease the search to their customers.

Community Contributors and committed to the environment
The support to their local community is crucial to their view as a company. From Green causes like protecting the sea and natural surrounding areas, to empowering the youth, from fostering healthy families and children in their community, to supporting to local educational advances. The staff at the Overleaf wants to hear about and keep on supporting all local causes.

The rooms with the view
For those who live far away from the sea, and even those who live by it, the pleasure of watching sunsets and waking up and sleeping listening to the sea is a priceless experience and a reason on its own to visit this wonderful place.