Wintergreen Resort

Five reasons to go to Wintergreen Resort

  • By Bradly J
  • Resorts
  • 01.08.2016

If you are looking for a relaxing resort, check out the five reasons to go to Wintergreen Resort in Virginia.

Golf opportunities
The resort offers several golf courses for its guests to enjoy. You can practice your skills at the Stoney Creek, or check out Devil Knob instead. The courses are open everyday starting with 8.30 am, and group classes for beginners are offered here

Summer Tubing Thrills
The hotel provides a great numbers of activities you can enjoy alone or with your family. Check out the Tubing Thrills at The Plunge. This huge park is a main attractions of the state, and the perfect spot to be at on a Sunday morning. Take the time to check out the fun attractions, eat an ice cream and enjoy an adventure.

The Spa at Wintergreen Resort
If you want to relax and rejuvenate your senses, pay a visit to the Spa. Here you will be pampered with the best body treatments and messages. Maybe you want to spend more time here,  and in that case make sure to check out the Spa packages. The Spa also offers in-dining, and you can enjoy fresh fruit or a glass of champagne.

Dining and nightlife
Do you want to experience the state's cuisine at its best? Wintergreen Resort offers amazing dining opportunities. Go to The Copper Mine Bistro for a snack and a healthy salad, or visit Devils Grill after your golf session. If you want to get a taste of the nightlife, don't forget to check out The Edge. Maybe you want to enjoy the scenic views, and in that case Stoney Creek Bar & Grill is your best bet.

Meetings and events
The conference center here features a flexible space where you can host a small to medium event. The staff also offers catering menus and wedding planning. Your event will turn out to be perfect, and your guests will be impressed.