Wyndham Kingsgate

Five reasons to go to Wyndham Kingsgate (Williamsburg, Virginia)

  • By Bradly J
  • Resorts
  • 01.08.2016

These are the five reasons to go to Wyndham Kingsgate, a cool resort in Williamsburg, Virginia.

The resort's location
The area is well known for its natural setting, and you will get to experience it all if you stay at Wyndham Kingsgate. The hotel's rooms are properly equipped with everything you need to make your stay comfortable. Guests can benefit from cable TV, spacious room with mountain views, and of course, fridges and microwaves.

Go shopping in town
If you don't feel like going hiking on the mountain, take some hours off to enjoy some shopping. You should check out the several souvenir and gift shops located here, but also visit the clothes and accessory shops. The shops are located next to many cafes and restaurants, so you will not get hungry after a shopping trip.

Hiking and biking opportunities
The resort offers bikes for rent, and you can rent one for a day or half a day. This will enable you to take trips to the mountain whenever you want to breathe in some fresh air. In addition to that, the scenic mountain trails will make your experience that much more pleasant.

Weddings and events
Just like any other reputable hotel, Wyndham Kingsgate offers a conference center where you can host your event. If you want your wedding day to turn out just the way you planned, select one of the available wedding packages. You can also spend your honeymoon here and take advantage of the hotel's offers.

The gym and the pools

The resort includes 2 pools, an indoor and an outdoor one. The outdoor pool is heated and can be used by kids and adults alike. If you want to start with your day with a workout, the resort features a fitness room and a sauna.